The simple beauty of this gown is accented with a soft rose sash. 

Another option would be to add touches of lace on the bodice. 

What other ideas do you have? Send your ideas to to start designing your wedding gown now.

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Wondering if other brides are going through the same wedding planning stress?  Here are some stats from brides in 2013.
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Indigo is a rich and luxurious color for your something blue.
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Want ideas on the latest wedding themes and color combinations?

Follow our wedding moodboard board on Pinterest for creative concepts you can use for your wedding.

Love lace?  Customize your lace pattern with The One Couture.

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If you are short on budget, opt for a short wedding dress and glam up with fun accessories such as beaded shoes,a birdcage veil and sparkly earrings. Classic and economical!

Keep calm and shine with dazzling red.
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For daring brides, a sheer bodice combined with the classic ballgown skirt gives you a bold modern twist.

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Pink is one of those neutral wedding colors that go with any wedding theme: go classic with pastel pink, go chic with coral and go modern with blushing pink.

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What are the secrets for desire in a long-term relationship?  Esther Perel’s TED talk explores the conundrum of being best friends with your partner while maintaining a strong sexual relationship.

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A soft and short chiffon gown is simple and feminine.

A soft and long tulle gown is elegant and classic.

Add a sash to emphasize your waistline and create a long leg line.

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Earthy brown celebrates your simple and down-to-earth nature.
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Peachy orange - reminiscent of those fun summer days eating sherbert with your best friend on the playground.  Now you are sharing that moment with your soulmate for life!

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